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With respect to your visits on our website (, we would like to offer you products/services you are interested in, at the most genuine and affordable price. Serving you each time in an amended way lies in our sole criteria and we would like to employ it all the way to serve you tremendously.

Placing an Order

You placing an order provides us with an opportunity to serve you, aiming at achieving mutual satisfaction in terms of business. Once you create your personal account, you can place the order by directly selecting a valid mode of payment. Subsequently, we make the shipment available at your doorstep.

Policy of Return/Exchange and Refund

At The Goodness Store, we strive to provide you with the best experience of purchasing the superfine products/services of your requirement. Each time you visit our website, we hope you have some sort of needs that we can fulfill. We also understand that you might not like some of the products after they are delivered to you. Our return/exchange policy allows you not to keep them for any longer or to return them to us. At the same time, we have refund policy too, which powers you ask for your money back, after placing the product/service return request. Such requests upon proper scrutiny of the returned product/service (as per the policy of refund) with genuine reasons make us pay you back without any fail.

Despite all, we would like to highlight that the products found as used, broken, damaged, faulty, or having any sort of issues caused to them are not eligible for any sort of refund. In fact, customers having a similar return request are not subject to corresponding refund of the payment. The following key points require consideration while placing an exchange/return request:

  • Please do not place return/exchange request(s) for used products.
  • An exchange/return request can be placed within a specific time period.
  • Products received broken or faulty are likely to be replaced or returned with success.
  • Refund request may take multiple business days to process.
  • The actual amount to be refunded (if applicable) is the actual amount paid for a product with discount.