“Aum Annam Brahma”, Food is Brahman; “Food is medicine and Food is poison”; “As the food so is the mind”, and numerous more quotes, Vedic scriptures we find in concern to food. The Source of food, Nature of food is the way of life of ancient sages and today's electronic pal too without exemption. Adhering to a good diet is an incredible beginning to a healthier life. As we are stepping into the 'Mall Culture', we can observe racks and rows of 'Non-GMO food', 'Organic food', 'Natural food', 'free-range', and so on...labels unheard of. What to grab and put in your shopping trolley is a puzzle, isn't it? The organic food is the better choice without batting an eye. Well, let us investigate a bit more about the Organic food in the diet.

Organic farming strategies combine investigative data of Biology, modern technology with traditional farming practices. Organic foods are grown in protected soil, have no alterations, and remains separated from traditional products. Agriculturists are not permitted to utilize synthetic pesticides, bioengineered genes, sewage slime-based composts. Organic livestock is not administered with growth hormones, antibiotics or any animal byproducts. They are purely fed with organic feed.

Organic foods are highly beneficial for the consumers. They have more anti-oxidants as compared to conventional foods. Of course, tastes better with the true flavor. It's also recommended to people allergic to food, chemicals or fertilizers. Organic products contain minimal pesticides, often fresh, Eco-friendly, GMO-free. Though organic food may sound expensive, make it your priority for health benefits. It is a reverence for the land, it is kinfolk and future era, as hasty and poor science is entirely annulled. Tips on hand to buy organic products is to buy seasonal, shop around with a quest for certified organic label.